Transformation Programme – PMO Coaching Support

Transformation Programme – PMO Coaching Support

ODN provided specialist consulting design support to the ICT team for the alliance between Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police.

Strategic Objectives - Review, refine and implement appropriate governance, reporting and controls strategy and toolset.

Operational Objectives - Governance & reporting process redesign and implementation, developing ownership and accountabilities to support cultural change.

The police forces Alliance leadership were aware of significant under performance of project delivery across their portfolio of change programmes. Specifically, there was poor management of risk, insufficient cost control, and delivery of benefits from their investments was poor. The new Transformation team needed to quickly implement strong governance methodologies to gain control of in-flight projects and ensure all future investments would deliver the expected benefits.   ODN were asked to provide interim support from Chris Tutill and Steve Dickie to provide PMO coaching.

Change Management & Comms, Coaching & Capability Development, Delivering Projects and Programmes Smarter, Harvesting Benefits on schedule, Partners in training and coaching, Process simplification and TOM design, Providing Interim Resources, Range of toolkits for sharing

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