Operational Excellence


Operational Excellence

ODNL are committed to support members and clients by sharing best practice from within and out with our Network. In response to a request from one of our Blue Chip clients to help address the challenges perceived in improving Operational processes and team working, we tailored an offering by one of our members – John Armstrong, founder trainer and coach in On-Track to Success – to meet these pressing requirements.

The Challenges:

Outlined by the sponsoring operational director, objectives were to improve:

  • Doing the basics right, consistently
  • Starting right for work
  • Understanding of accountabilities
  • Process simplification and reducing paperwork
  • Teamwork and internal customer service
  • Contract mobilisation and resourcing
  • Strengthening of commercial controls

The ODNL response:

We developed and delivered 5 tailored seminars and experiential learning sessions for 180 staff:

  1. ‘Fishing’ for Operational Service
  2. Moments of Truth
  3. Caring to Serve Colleagues
  4. Making Operational Excellence Stick
  5. Leading Operational Excellence

With the learning outcomes:

  • Taking ownership of operational AND service issues
  • Reflecting on personal contribution
  • Helping develop a customer focused culture
  • Choosing the right attitudes and behaviours
  • Promoting trust, teamwork and communication
  • Coping with difficult behaviours and challenges
This operational development course was developed in consultation with the client over a period of one month and then delivered over a 9 month period.

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