Building Influence, Delivering Productivity

Service Transformation and Delivering Productivity Benefits

Whilst sharing our approaches to build capabilities in strengthening change leadership and benefits realisation across Police Forces through AOD, our clients asked us to share a method to help their teams design and deliver front line productivity improvements. They told us of the difficulties experienced in exploiting technology to make a real difference in productivity, and most, if not all, wanted to know how better to build capability to exploit fully the investments already made by Forces in the M365 toolset.  Our response was to create a programme to develop capabilities in improving information flows, automating forms and simplifying processes using workflows, whilst also developing appropriate analytics and reporting with existing technologies to demonstrate benefits.  We call this programme Building Influence and Delivering Productivity (BIDP).

The Challenges:

We listened to Client Change Leads who said they needed:

  • A better way to engage front line officers and support change teams in designing improvements.
  • A way to build influencing skills and user confidence so that improvement can be delivered from investment in “enabling’ technology.
  • An approach to engage leaders in shaping and inspecting changes and new ways of working.
  • An approach they can learn easily and replicate themselves across multiple process improvements.
  • The ability to access expert coaching – in design and implementation – if required.

The ODN response:

We developed a tailored toolset and approach to build capabilities - to accelerate change, involve users, a new learning process, faster deployment, embed new ways of working to deliver tangible visible & reliable benefits realisation - with  four modules delivered over two days:

  • Module 1 introduces the BIDP concepts and toolkit. 
  • Module 2 offers techniques to clarify and understand root causes of business issues and the leanest path to their resolution.
  • Module 3 focuses on Storyboarding, using real life scenarios to systematically design improved futures and how to transition successfully to new ways of working.
  • Module 4 discusses iterative deployment and ensuring benefits return with techniques to evidence success.
  • Providing support from a specialist resource group to build and deploy M365 toolset elements remotely for clients.

Learning outcomes:

We seek to make clients able to build their influence in organisations and engage front line staff and leaders in delivering productivity improvements:

  • Creating proficiency in BIDP and using the Assured Outcome Delivery (AOD) Toolset) for delivering change and desired benefits effectively.
  • Create self-confidence and self-sufficiency in client change teams and front line staff involved.
  • Ensuring all participants are able to articulate, and demonstrate, the productivity benefits desired.
  • Supporting teams in coping with Change resistance and change fatigue.
  • Knowing how to access M365 expertise and resources to accelerate ‘improvement’ build and deployment.

This operational and support improvement course was developed in response to Client requests.  It was well received recently by Leicestershire Police with positive commentaries including:

“I'm really excited to start using the tools within the programme / projects of work I'm involved in. Thank you.”Leicestershire Police Change Team participant.

“I think the methodology and templates will be really useful and have landed at just the right time as the Delivering Optimisation and Improvement Team starts as well as some other big projects.”   Leicestershire Police DOIT Lead.

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