How We Can Help

ODN members offer a variety of services to our clients. See our subject matter leads in these areas and to read an overview of the skills sets we offer and some of the ODN Case Studies in these topics, on the links below our three service areas.

01. Provide strategic advice, undertake consulting assignments or take on interim team roles to deliver outstanding outcomes for clients.

We have a range of subject matter specialists skilled in AOD – in each of the subject areas in this picture. Please see the members case study pages.
02. Recruit, select build and coach high performance teams.

We also have qualified coaches and trainers in ODN to help you build the assured outcome delivery skills of your teams. Have a look at our training pages, and training skills of our team in their chosen specialisms.

0.3 Manage others or improve existing delivery team performance to achieve specified outcomes.

Our members are all experienced Team Leaders used to assuming project or programme responsibility. They have both strategic focus and practical experience of change - often being asked to strengthen governance or ‘repair’ performance process management.

At ODN, we know the ’secret’ of establishing delivery accountability and use our coaching and training sessions to help share skills in enhancing team performance management. We have honed our thinking in outcome delivery, combining Big-4 consulting learning with outsourcing delivery experience, across a wide range of organisations in both public and private sectors. This, combined with our subject matter expertise, ensures that we can ensure that the benefits you expect from your investment are fully realised or exceeded.