How to belong – Members

How to Belong

Additional members may be eligible to be invited to join the ODN in three different ways:

  1. Where they possess an obvious specialism that will enable broader growth of the business and support cross- selling of skills and opportunities into other Network member’s clients;
  2. When they are recommended for membership by existing members; or
  3. Where a consultant demonstrates the desired experience and consulting skills through interview with Core ODN Partners.

We welcome involvement of consultants who can develop their skills in AOD in a manner that engages and convinces clients and colleagues of the value they can deliver to our Network, our clients, and to members.

Contributing IP

ODN will take care to protect pre-existing Intellectual Property for members when bidding for, or contracting to, support clients.   However, whilst members will of course retain IP developed outwith engagements, they will be aware of the normal consulting Ts &Cs requirement to give clients ownership of IP specifically created as part of their assignments, i.e. that has been paid-for by clients.

  • Members will work together to make clear the preservation of our collective value in contracting to supply services;
  • AOD will always be declared pre-existing IP in any assignment or engagement;
  • Clients can only use our methods when we leave, upon completion of an ODN licence and upon payment of agreed fees to ODN;
  • Members only retain the rights to use AOD, and its toolsets, whilst they continue to contribute to the Network.

As described in the ODN Partnership sections, members contributing IP for network usage will be rewards by securing additional shares in ODN commensurate with the Partners’ view of the value provided.

For Example

Member A has a method B that their clients like. Contributing this method into the ODN allows member A to retain IP, but enable all other members to employ method B with their clients, enhancing both method B’s and ODN’s reputation, and generating a share of income made into ODN, in which Member A retains a share. It is also anticipated the use of “their” method will lead to additional subject matter expert revenue to Member A when whey support other Network consultants.

Are you good enough?

We are humble folks, whilst being very experienced consultants. We are proud of the credentials we have developed in the AOD and D4 approaches and in the confidence it develops for clients, so we wish to protect its reputation carefully.

If you would like to be considered for Membership:

  • Click here to watch a Concept Overview video and the first three AOD Insight Modules, and then take a brief multi-choice quiz. It will report back an AOD concept understanding score upon completion;
  • Consider your benefits realisation and change leadership coaching experience – decide if AOD could increase your skillset;
  • Contact us to arrange a Skype interview and discussion
  • Provide two client references who will comment on your consulting style and benefits realisation and change delivery capabilities;
  • Prepare for a VIVA presentation back to our Core Partners and be prepared to discuss your client handling experience and the skills you could offer in support of other Network members.

You may also wish to undertake the Think AOD? Community 'personality' analyser.
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What we expect from Members

Upon gaining admitted status members are expected to:

  1. Sign an ODN Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and contract, to protect and regulate the usage of Network and member IP, training materials and toolkits;
  2. Contribute case studies for use on the ODN website;
  3. As part of initial engagement, obtain permission from clients to produce a glowing testimony for the great work ODN will deliver for them, which is publishable on the ODN and their own websites;
  4. Attend regular member conference calls to share experience, war stories and lessons learned from AOD engagements and to contribute ideas for further Network development.


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