Our Vision & Values

Vision - Our Massive Transformative Purpose

To delight clients by delivering outstanding outcomes

To have AODTM recognised as the gamechanger in achieving successful change across all sectors

To establish ODNL to support a network of consultants with innovative approaches and IP,  in becoming recognised as a cost effective alternative to the Big 4


  • INTEGRITY - we deliver on our promises with our Assured Outcome Delivery approach.  It’s the number 1 personal value of our founders – we, and our Members, take accountability for supporting successful outcome delivery.
  • PASSIONATE – we want to make a difference.  We appreciate the opportunity our consultants have to help others ‘make a difference’ by improving dramatically how change is led and delivered – we are driven individuals, and we are committed to sharing the innovation in AOD to help our Members and their Clients to deliver benefits more confidently.
  • HELPING OTHERS – we focus on building member and client capabilities, and we care about your results.  We are proud of the opportunity we have to help others – it’s a responsibility we take seriously and we hope that all our clients undertake AOD training and broaden the capabilities of their teams whilst we are working with them and are able to offer implementation coaching in change leadership and benefits realisation.
  • CHALLENGING – we confront experience and share learning to create innovative solutions.   AOD has to be challenging – at least we plan to challenge professionally, and give you fair warning!   If people know why change has failed, or been delivered sub-optimally, in the past, then ODN members need to challenge you to undertake a new way of working to deliver better.   Remember, if you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got!
  • FUN LOVING – if we cannot have a laugh when working hard with you, well… …..we like having fun at work, and we hope you will too. Change is hard, and our team works hard to help, but that doesn’t stop us enjoying the ‘craic’. We hope you will too as we help you deliver impressive outcomes.

We are about actionable insights and measureable results

by Steve Dickie