Becoming a Member

Why Join?

Outcome Delivery Network (ODN) has been constituted as a Network-owned company to enable skilled consultants to collaborate in generating value in an organisation worth more than the sum of the value of individuals’ businesses that contribute to, and so make up, the Network. Through the contribution of Intellectual Property (IP), innovative ideas and hard work building a great reputation for delivery, shareholding members are expected to be able to gain reward by:

  • Commanding premium fees that reflect our innovative, and proven successful methods, when working with the Network and its clients.
  • Growing the value of their shares by cultivating the IP, brand and the order book of the company.
  • Being able to offer clients value-adding innovation in proposals and delivery.
  • Enabling members to capitalise on their innovations.

Becoming a member, and contributing a share of revenue to ODN, entitles consultants to use the AOD method and toolsets and permits the member to use our broad range of blue chip company references in pursuit of business opportunities individually, or with ODN.

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Innovating to Build Value

ODN members share a series of innovative methods, tools and techniques, and training packages that clients and colleagues will find both valuable and differentiating, compared with organisations with which we compete. We are open to members contributing in different ways to the collective effort - members will be rewarded proportionately through their shareholding in the value of the Network.

Our Core Method, and our first differentiator, is using the Assured Outcome Delivery (AOD) approach to benefits realisation and achieving results successfully. AOD provides a framework for other existing and future methods. It has been co-developed by Steve Dickie and Alan Fowler and it is a further development of ideas and concepts originated in Isochron’s Dimension4 (D4) method. 'How-to' guides, toolset and training modules have been developed around AOD and each member will be supported in growing their expertise in the approach through training and participating in assignments alongside others who have implemented AOD or D4 successfully already.

We present AOD as a delivery framework encompassing other techniques, like PPM, Lean, Agile, Systems Thinking and more. Other specialisms are continuously being reviewed for inclusion in our core approach and skill set.

Membership Options

Outcome Delivery Network Limited welcomes others to join us as Consultants, progressing to Practitioner and Expert grades as your skills and capabilities are developed and demonstrated using our Assured Outcome Delivery approach.