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Welcome to our Resources!

We are delighted you might wish to explore how Assured Outcome Delivery, or AOD, can help support your change efforts and desire to strengthen capabilities in benefits realisation.  We hope it can help you increase confidence in the abilities to deliver desired changes and efficiencies planned from investment in projects and programmes.

Please have a look at the AOD Introduction video from our founders, and then perhaps review the six introductions to our Toolset.    We have developed 40 tools to support the ODN members and clients effort in seeking to deliver change and desired benefits more reliably using AOD.

If you would like to learn more, other pages on the site describe how to become an ODN member or how to engage in formal AOD Training sessions.

SME Table Template

The first part of >Assured Outcome Delivery (AOD) approach is to capture the aspirational objectives of those who want to shape and deliver organisational change.

GameChanging Guide

GameChanging is a useful and very effective technique in several AOD contexts. In visioning it can be used to help generate ways around blockers and obstructions that appear to be impossible to resolve.

Bias–free Estimating

AOD Bias-free Estimation is a four-point estimating process for CashPoints which produces benefit calculations that are possible, probable, transparent, auditable and includes factoring for risk and double count removal.

DataShaper tool

How AOD and DataShaper will help improve your PMO's outcome delivery successes

  • Benefit from tried and trusted project management artefacts, built around the AOD methodology.
  • Turn-key solution that uses the technology in situ - with simple configuration to provide the information and format needed.

Starting Smarter Guide

Implementing Smarter with AOD’s Starting Smarter Guide - Learning from years of experience, and committing to do change projects differently.

Many of the innovations in the Assured Outcome Delivery (AOD) approach reside within our Prepare Better and Lead Brilliantly stage. And the final part of better preparation is committing to start effectively – learning from past experience and mistakes, and resolving not to repeat them.

Stakeholder Management and Communications

Why use stakeholder management?

  • We want all staff to be clear on what we are seeking to achieve (Change Vision) and our desired outcomes ('Show-Me' Events)
  • We want - and need - to know who will be impacted by the change activities we are planning with AOD