Skills Development Packages

Introduction to AODTM

AOD provides innovative tools and techniques in Change Leadership and Achieving Desired Outcomes.

Assured Outcome Delivery is a new generation of thinking in delivering change successfully.

AOD is based on thinking that started with research in 1989 and was developed in practical casework throughout the 1990s. It has been applied in organisations in the private and in the public sector since 2002 with remarkable results.

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What is Included?
AOD Aware
AOD Trained
Introductory Materials
4 AOD Videos
AOD Awareness Test

Introductory materials
Introduction to 'Show-Me' Events
Introducing GameChanging
Bias-free Estimating Introduction
EZPMO Toolset Overview
Starting Smarter Introduction
Introducing Stakeholder Management & Communications
Accreditation level : AOD Aware

Concept Intros
AOD Innovations -Module 0 : Introduction from the Authors
AOD Insights -Module 1 : Principles
AOD Insights -Module 2 : 'Show-Me' Events
AOD Insights -Module 3 : Right to Left Planning
Think AOD? : Self Assessment Test

AOD Introductory Training (2 Days)
AOD Training - 4 Concept Tests
Accreditation level : AOD Trained
Further Accreditation options
e.g. AOD Implementation Coaching for Consultants (2 Days)