ODN Memberships

ODN Membership Options

Becoming a member offers experienced consultants or experienced organisational change influencers and coaches something truly unique – a comprehensive change leadership framework and toolset to engage more effectively at the senior levels of organisations who desire more certainty in their ability to deliver the benefits on which their project and programme investments are predicated.
Achieving increased competence in AOD – becoming Practitioner or Expert accredited – enables ODN members to move from being delivery consultants to securing engagement lead roles and become more able as change coaches to senior staff, earning premium rates in the process. We do this by being more competent in delivering benefits from project or programme investment, using AOD as a core competence.

The range of ODN toolkit items that can be accessed by different Membership Grades is described below:

What is Included?
Coaching level achieved
AOD Trained includes four concepts tests to complete
AOD Implementation, 2 assignments, On-line exam
AOD Implementation, interview, 2+ assignments (1 lead)
Complete ODN NDA and Membership ‘Contract’
Accreditation designation
AOD Trained
AOD Practitioner
AOD Expert
AOD Insight Modules 00-03

AOD Insight Modules 04-07, 09-11
AOD Implementation Pack
AOD Coaching Pack
Module 08 - Benefits Control Process
AOD Manual
Access Experts Forum

Develop and grow your AODTM skills

Consultants can develop AOD skills through training options AOD Aware or AOD Trained but only once you decide to become a member can you undertake the Implementation Coaching Course and Tests AOD Practitioner.

A brief concept overview of the Innovations in AOD from the authors: AOD Intro (3 mins)

AOD Insight Module 01 :The Principles behind AOD (8 mins)

AOD Insight Module 02: 'Show-Me' Events (6mins)

AOD Insight Module 03: Right–to-Left Planning (2 mins)