Coaching & Capability Development

Flexible style in supporting clients

We believe passionately that we must share our skills and ideas in helping our members and their clients to become self-sufficient in the game-changing benefits realisation innovation that is Assured Outcome Delivery. In effect we want to coach ourselves out of assignments – ensuring when members exit that our clients’ teams are capable of sustaining the new approaches we help them develop and implement.

We like to use analytical tools and techniques at the start of assignments to help best understand the most appropriate roles and interaction styles for our combined teams, in helping clients develop a wider range of skills, when engaging with members of the Outcome Delivery Network.

Where it is appropriate, and desired, we offer to share a combination of high – performing team tool sets and ideas, alongside the Assured Outcome Delivery toolsets to help increase client teams' confidence in achieving desired project outcomes.

We are a fun loving team and we like to have a laugh whilst working hard in serving our clients. As well as a sense of humour, our trainers and coaches bring a wealth of experience in support of client ambitions to deliver real change and we delight in sharing the toolsets and skills we have developed over the last decades, alongside AOD, in working for, and with, major consulting organisations. It is indeed fortunate for ODN that so many of our Network members are authors and true experts in their field. You don’t have to be a published author to be invited to join ODN.

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Formal training and coaching in AODTM

In trying to help clients become self sufficient as soon as practicable in our methods, we have invited into the Outcome Delivery Network a number of accredited training organisations, so that formal programmes can be tailored quickly to meet a range of requirements. Tailored Assured Outcome Delivery programmes are available on your premises. Syco Solutions Limited provides these through ODN Member, Simon Tuck.

Formal Accreditation in AOD can be achieved through examination and VIVA presentation to our Core Partners.

Additionally, John Armstrong, through his company On Track Training & Coaching Ltd offers a range of personal and team development options, including Service Excellence and other ILM accredited courses. Many of our Members are formally trained coaches who take real pleasure in supporting clients in achieving both business and personal objectives whilst working hard together.

Range of AODTM toolkits for sharing

As befits a Network focused on building client capability in Change Leadership and Change Project and Programme Management, we have developed and used a wide range of tools and techniques over the years.

These are described more fully and can be accessed in our toolkit pages.

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In line with our collaborative style of working, we are happy to complement other’s great ideas and recommend use of tools based on their ideas via our AOD Toolkit Pages.