DataShaper Toolkit

Assured Outcome Delivery has now included an accelerated approach to establishing a PMO for supporting change projects and programmes. Called  DataShaper, it can help improve your outcome delivery successes because it:

  • Includes tried and trusted project management artefacts, built around the AOD methodology.
  • Offers a ‘turn-key’ solution that uses the technology in situ - with simple configuration to provide the project or programme information in any format needed – provided by the ODN Member consultants who developed the DataShaper toolset.
  • Presents project or programme information in the right AOD context :
    • focused always on desired outcomes and deliverables;
    • presents clear visibility of the risks associated with a specific 'Show Me' Events; and
    • uses and reports on Tipping Points that illustrates which plan activity contributes to CashPoints.
  • Reduces PMO resourcing set up cost and reduces report preparation time through automation – using pre-built templates, incorporating SMEs Right to Left Plans, Tipping Points and reporting frameworks, resource schedules and PMO analytical tools - it can be paid for in monthly charge for DataShaper Software as a Service plus remote support as a option.

Accelerating Start-Up with Standard Reports & Automated PMO solution

DataShaper is an Excel-based toolkit that transforms Programme and Project data into exact and meaningful reports, simply and quickly. Complex data, sorted.


Is an automated PMO solution that simply integrates with existing software and ensures:

  • A significant reduction in efforts to produce reports;
  • Added value to Quality Control and Governance activities;
  • Improved, consistent and up to the minute information accessible to Senior Management;
  • An efficient set of tools for Project Managers that reduces costs, improves efficiency, and increases output.

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