AOD Training Intros

Welcome to the AODTM Training intros

AOD was developed specifically to address change delivery shortcomings of traditional approaches …its a GameChanger with innovations across our toolset.

ODN offer training and support in developing your skills in Assured Outcome Delivery (AOD) in a number of ways. We have developed and delivered a range of formal courses to suit varying needs and preferences of both members and clients.

We have also created a suite of AOD Insight videos from our partners that describe the techniques included in Assured Outcome Delivery and also two videos on the Science Behind AOD, that explain why this innovative approach works.

Four videos will give you an introduction to what AOD is all about:

A brief concept overview of the Innovations in AOD from the authors: AOD Intro (3 mins)

AOD Insight Module 01 :The Principles behind AOD (8 mins)

AOD Insight Module 02: 'Show-Me' Events (6mins)

AOD Insight Module 03: Right–to-Left Planning (2 mins)

There are six further AOD Modules and two other videos describing the terms we use, the methods we implement in each of the key innovations in AOD, and some of the science explaining why AOD 'just works'. These are available to members, clients who have undertaken our training, or affiliates. If you are interested in finding out more, or in the benefits in becoming an ODN member, contact us, or check out our members pages and sign up for a discussion.

So have we piqued your interest?

Once you have viewed the four AOD videos above to introduce you to the AOD tools and techniques, register here then take a short test to assess how well you have grasped the AOD elements. If you pass this test you are entitled to download this AOD Aware Logo and use it for CV or assignment proposal purposes.

You might also like to take a quick personality questionnaire to assess if you think like ODN members. It is only 10 quick questions, but its designed to see how well you might use some of our tools and which suggest which may be of most use to you. Feedback is provided as soon as you complete our quiz.

After all, as ODN members say about AOD, you can LEAD horses to water, but you cannot make them THINK!

How to access concept introductory training and test?

  • As an individual consultant or project manager, with registered interest in joining ODN as an associate member, as a candidate from our partner Interim organisations
  • As an individual who would like to try AOD Training and assess our toolkit, towards becoming an Associate or Member
  • As someone who just wants to check out our approach


Accreditation in Assured Outcome DeliveryTM (AOD)

To ensure clients receive a consistent level of expertise in achieving desired outcomes successfully, ODN offer an accreditation route for members to demonstrate their skill level mastery in AOD through examination and VIVA presentation and discussion with our Founding Partners – see members pages for details.