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Welcome to our Interim Associate section

We are keen to encourage other consultants and interims to benefit from sharing the innovations in benefits realisation and change leadership that we have created in the Assured Outcome Delivery way of thinking.   We hope you find that developing your skills in this new change delivery framework enables you to increase your value to your clients in the same way as Members of our Outcome Delivery Network.  (Members have typically increased their day rates by more than 20% when they have secured their next assignment after taking the AOD training).  Our AOD Practitioners would be pleased to work with you to explore how best to use AOD as a differentiating delivery approach around your existing product or service implementation offers.

We offer associates access to a compelling range of case studies and Client testimonies to help you convince your clients, or your future prospective clients, that AOD can add value to their projects.   There are four levels of accreditation in AOD available to you and your Clients - see our Training Option pages or contact us to discuss how we could help support your current assignment or help you secure your next one utilising AOD.

Introductory Videos

Please have a look at our introductory AOD Insight modules below,  and take our online quiz to test the extent you get our concepts. If you agree that AOD will help you convince your next client or project team that there is a new way to increase confidence in capability to deliver benefits from their projects, contact us to discuss how you might access the new change tools available to strengthen traditional delivery approaches.

Should you wish, we can offer an accredited AOD trainer to offer further training to your client or project team members.

A brief concept overview of the Innovations in AOD from the authors: AOD Intro (3 mins)

AOD Insight Module 01 :The Principles behind AOD (8 mins)

AOD Insight Module 02: 'Show-Me' Events (6mins)

AOD Insight Module 03: Right–to-Left Planning (2 mins)

Interim Associates can become Members or or able to pay ODN to use our methods and toolkits and undertake AOD training.    Other support can also be provided by Network Members.  We offer on premise   ‘classroom’ based training for your core Project or Programme team, together with an ‘introductory’ session for the Board or other Leadership team (we will tailor this with you to best fit the top team culture, and reflect current change priorities. AOD relies on leadership accountability and we will co-develop a "safe" way for this to be discussed).

Complete ODN NDA and Associate 'Contract'

AOD Tools and video insights can only be accessed after signing the ODN Interim Associate Non Disclosure Agreement, and receipt of Associate Access Code available via your Interim Agency.

Access your Associate Materials

What is Included?
Complete ODN NDA and Interim Associate ‘Contract’ NDA Only
Accreditation designation AOD Aware or AOD Trained options
AOD Insight Modules 00-03
Insight Video's
Module 00: Introduction from the Authors Play Video
Module 01 : Principles Play Video
Module 02 : Show-Me Events Play Video
Module 03 : Right to Left Planning Play Video
Take AOD Introductory Concepts Test
AOD Templates (available for purchase)
Show-Me Event Table Template
Right To Left Plan Template
CashPoint Table Template
ROI Connect Table Template
GameChanging Table Template
AOD Dashboard Template
AOD Success Register Template
AOD Implementation Tools (available for purchase)
1.2 AOD Principles
1.3 SME Table
1.4 Right to Left Plan
1.5 Institutionalising Learning Guide
1.6 Game Changing Guide
1.7 Value Drivers
1.8 Bias – Free Estimating Guide
1.10 Value Case
1.11 Business Case
1.12 ROI Connect Table
1.13 Bandwidth Analyzer
1.14 DataShaper tool
2.1 Starting Smarter Guide
2.6 Re-routing Guide
3.1 SME Inspection Guide