Services to Policing Transformation Programme Support

Services to Policing Transformation Programme Support

Following the successful review and redesign of the ICT service supporting Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police forces, ODN were invited to use a similar rigorous review process across the other 19 enabling services supporting the alliance.

The Strategic Objective  - articulated by the Transformation Director for both police forces - to  ensure essential supporting services are designed to be as cost effective and efficient as possible in order to maximise Policing output.

Operational Objectives - Governance & process redesign, and business case development to deliver service improvement, efficiencies or increased income.

The police force Alliance brought two independent forces together seeking to provide policing support across Warwickshire and West Mercia whilst delivering efficiencies from combining two ‘back office support’ organisations. National benchmarking surveys by CIPFA revealed that merging the two forces has not yet produced an organisation that was ‘above average’ in support efficiency. Senior leadership sought to maximize the quantity and effectiveness of policing output available to the alliance and commissioned ODN consultants to review improvement potential across 19 services.

Change Management & Comms, Coaching & Capability Development, Delivering Projects and Programmes Smarter, Harvesting Benefits on schedule, Partners in training and coaching, Process simplification and TOM design, Providing Interim Resources, Range of toolkits for sharing

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